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1. Weakly damped electromagnetic waves in thin conductors under conditions of strong spatial dispersion
2. Anomalous penetration of an electromagnetic field into a metal with a mirror boundary
3. Anomalous penetration of electromagnetic field into a metal near cyclotron resonance
4. Kinetics of conduction electrons in multidomain ferromagnetic structure
5. Anomalous penetration of an electromagnetic field into a metal with diffuse reflection of electrons by the specimen boundary
6. Aharonov-Bohm effect in insulators with a charge-density wave
7. Macroscopic quantum tunneling of a three-dimensional charge-density wave in an above-threshold electric field
8. Theory of spin-density waves in quasi-one-dimensional ferromagnetic metals
9. The role of Coulomb effects in the electrodynamics of a quasi-one-dimensional charge density wave
10. Quasi-one-dimensional Peierls dielectric in a constant electric field
11. Quantum theory of topological solitons in a one-dimensional Peierls insulator
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