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1. Magnetization of Thin Ferromagnetic Films at Low Temperatures
2. Possibility of the Occurrence of Superconductivity in Thln Non-metdlic Films
3. Interaction between Optical Phonons and Electrons in a Quantizing Magnetic Field
4. Nonlinear effects due to the propagation of sound and electromagnetic waves in conductors in a quantizing magnetic field
5. Nonlinear damping of helicons in metals
6. Nonlinear Cyclotron absorption of a hole doppleron in cadmium
7. Nonlinear effects in the propagation of a strong sound wave and a weak one in metals
8. Nonlinear effects at the collisionless absorption threshold: plasmon spectrum and damping
9. Nonlinear renormalization of electromagnetic wave spectra in metals: the anomalous doppleron
10. Nonlinear theory of magnetoacoustic oscillations and of acoustic cyclotron resonance in metals
11. Electron stochastization by a longitudinal sound wave in a metal
12. Interaction between acoustic pulses and electrons in metals
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