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1. The possibility of creating artificial media possessing optical activity
G.A. Lyakhov
JETP, 1973, Vol. 37, No. 3, p. 390
PDF (79.8K)

2. Effects of inhomogeneity of optical pumping in lasers and in stimulated scattering. Self-excitation due to distributed feedback
3. Difference-frequency excitation in nonlinear optics and the conditions for Cerenkov-radiation emission
4. Generation of quasistanding hypersonic wave in stimulated brillouin scattering of a broad-band pump
5. Spinodal decay of a liquid mixture under conditions of inhibited convection-restorability of the spatial structure
6. An optical method for measuring the positions of spinodals in stratified solutions
7. Temperature anomaly, due to structural changes, of the properties of a stratified solution
8. Stimulated sound scattering in vlscous liquids
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