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1. Elastic Scattering of Protons by Mg24 Nuclei
2. Inelastic Scattering of Protons by Ne20 Nuclei
3. Elastic Scattering of Protons by Si30 Nuclei
4. Change of the Shape of the Gain Line in the Saturation by the Proper Field in a 3.39 μ Laser
5. Study of the angular correlation of photons in annihilation of orthopositronium
6. Faraday effect in terbium-ytterbium iron garnets in strong magnetic fields
7. Level crossing and instability of magnetic structure in rare-earth iron garnets
8. Ferrimagnets with Ising ions. Magnetic properties of holmium-yttrium iron garnets in strong fields at helium temperatures
9. Quantum jumps of magneto-optical effects and the magnetization in rare-earth compounds in ultrastrong magnetic fields
10. Investigation of the generation of high-energy electrons in a laser plasma
11. Modification of the spin structure of high-molecular-weight magnetic clusters in strong magnetic fields
12. Magnetostriction of paramagnetic rare-earth garnets
13. Magnetic linear birefringence of rare-earth garnets
14. Ferrimagnets with lsing ions. H-T-x phase diagrams of holmium-yttrium iron garnets
15. Field dependence of the magnetostriction constants of rare-earth iron garnets
16. Spin reorientation in dysprosium yttrium iron garnets DyxY3-xFe5O12
17. Theoretical and experimental investigations of the magnetostriction of paramagnetic rare-earth garnets Tb3Ga5O12 and Dy3AI5O12
18. Faraday effect of rare-earth iron garnets in strong magnetic fields
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