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1. Fluctuation sound absorption in layered superconductors
2. Thermoelectric power and topological transitions in quasi-2D electron systems
3. Effect of superconducting fluctuations on the thermoelectric force and thermal conductivity of a superconductor near the critical temperature
4. Effect of fluctuations on the Hall effect and thermomagnetic effects in a superconductor near its transition temperature
5. Giant oscillations of the magnetothermoelectric power of a metal near an electronic topological transition
6. Superconducting fluctuations in tunnel junctions below the critical temperature
7. Anomalies in the properties of tunneling and Josephson junctions in the vicinity of a Lifshits topological transition
8. Absorption of iongitudinal sound in metals near the Lifshltz topologlcai transition
9. Influence of electron-electron interaction on the critical current in a Josephson junction
10. Anomalous kinetic properties of metals near the Lifshitz topological transition
11. Interelectron effects and the conductivity of disordered two-dimensional electron systems
12. Fluctuation resistance of Josephson junctions
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