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1. Anomalies in Internal Friction and Modulus of Elasticity in Ferromagnetics near the Curie Point
2. Magnetostriction of Antiferromagnetic Nickel Monoxide
3. Magnetic and Magnetoelastic Properties of Dysprosium and Gadolinium
4. Anisotropy of the Magnetic Properties of Gadolinium Near the Curie Point
5. The Magnetic Susceptibility of Rare-earth Orthoferrites in Strong Magnetic Fields
6. Magnetostriction of the Metamagnetic Iron-rhodium Alloy
7. Magnetostriction of Rare-earth Metals in the Paramagnetic, Antiferromagnetic, and Ferromagnetic Ranges
8. On the Nature of the Magnetization Curves of a Single Crystal of Samarium Orthoferrite Near the Reorientation Temperature
9. Magnetic and Magnetostriction Properties of an Erbium Single Crystal in the Paramagnetic Region
10. Magnetoelastic Properties of Hematite
11. Uniaxial Magnetic Anisotropy of Dysprosium and Terbium
12. Reorientation of the Antiferromagnetic Vector of Some Rare-earth Orthoferrites in Strong Magnetic Fields
13. Nature of the Magnetic Anisotropy of Dysprosium: Investigation of the Anisotropy of Dysprosium-gadolinium Alloys
14. Induced Noncollinear Magnetic Structure in Rare-earth Ferrite-garnets
15. Determination of the Magnetic Uniaxial Anisotropy Constants of Holmium from Magnetization Measurements in Fields up to 240 kOe
16. Magnetastriction of Rare Earth Iron Garnets in High Magnetic Fields
17. Magnetization of Iron Garnets of Heavy Rare Earth Elements in Fields up to 240 kOe
18. Magnetostriction of a Hematite Monocrystal in Fields up to 150 kOe
19. lnvestigation of magnetic properties of monocrystals of the uranium compounds U3P4 and U3As4 in strong fields
20. Magnetic anisotropy of the uranium compounds UAsS and UAsSe
21. Nature of magnetic anisotropy of dysprosium. Paramagnetic susceptibility of dysprosium-yttrium alloys
22. NMR investigation of spin flip phase transitions in yttrium-terbium iron garnets
23. Nature of Magnetic Anisotropy of Dysprosium, Paramagnetic Susceptibility of Dysprosium-Gadolinium Alloys
24. Magnetic anisotropy of yttrium-holmium iron garnets
25. Magnetic anisotropy and magnetostriction of yttrium-terbium iron garnets
26. Spin-flip transitions in cubic magnets. Magnetic phase diagram of terbium-yttrium iron garnets
27. Experimental and theoretical investigation of spin-reorientation phase transitions in cubic ferromagnets and ferrimagnets in a magnetic field
28. Occurrence of noncollinear magnetic structures in DyCo5.3 near the compensation temperature in strong magnetic fields
29. Faraday effect in terbium-ytterbium iron garnets in strong magnetic fields
30. Effect of a strong magnetic field on the spin-reorientation transition in DyCo5.3
31. Magnetic properties of an erbium single crystal in strong fields
32. Crystal structure, and magnetic and magnetoelastic properties of UGa2
33. Magnetization anomalies in yttrium-erbium and yttrium-holmium iron garnets in strong fields at low temperature
34. Giant magnetoelastic distortions of the crystal structure of the weakly anisotropic compound UFe2
35. Ferrimagnets with Ising ions. Magnetic properties of holmium-yttrium iron garnets in strong fields at helium temperatures
36. Magnetoelastic interaction in the martensitic transformation in an Ni2MnGa single crystal
37. Anisotropy of magnetic properties of R2Cu2O5 cuprates (R=Y, Lu, Tm, Yb, Tb)
38. The effect of f-d interaction on the magnetic state of d-subsystems in the itinerant magnets Y(Co1-xAIx)2; investigation of the compounds Y1-tGdt(Co1-xAIx)_2
39. Influence of the f-d exchange interaction on the magnetic state of the itinerant d subsystem and field-induced magnetic phase transitions in the intermetallic compounds Y1-tGdtCo3
40. The f-d exchange interaction in heavy-rare-earth RCo2 compounds
41. Itinerant metamagnetism and ferromagnetism in the M(Co1-xAIx)2 (M Y and Lu) systems: The effect of unit cell volume
42. Characteristics of magnetic ordering in Y2(Ni1-xCox)3 and Y(Ni1-xCox)3 systems
43. Magnetostriction of paramagnetic rare-earth garnets
44. Nature of the magnetism of the d subsystem in RMn2 compounds
45. Magnetic linear birefringence of rare-earth garnets
46. Magnetic properties of a GdCu2 single crystal
47. Properties of isotropic and anisotropic magnetoelastic interactions of intermetallic RCo2 compounds
48. Metamagnetism of itinerant d-electrons in YCo2: Investigation of metamagnetic transitions in Y(Co, Al)2
49. Ferrimagnets with lsing ions. H-T-x phase diagrams of holmium-yttrium iron garnets
50. Field dependence of the magnetostriction constants of rare-earth iron garnets
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