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1. Experimental Observation of the Tunnel Effect for Cooper Pairs with the Emission of Photons
2. Experimental Observation of Cooper Pair Tunneling Between Thin Layers of Superconducting Tin
3. Investigation of the Tunnel Effect in Lead and Thallium under Pressure
4. Determination of the energy gap parameter and of the electron-phonon interaction in superconductors from the tunnel data
5. Manifestation of band structure effects in tunneling in metals
6. Nonlinear variation of the energy gap and the phonon spectrum of indium near the electron transition
7. Manifestation of the proximity effects in tunnel conductance of multilayer systems
8. Nature of the large critical current in textured high-Tc, yttrium metal oxide ceramics
9. Electron-phonon interaction in indium-magnesium alloys with a structural phase transition
10. Nature of the resistive state of granular aluminum films
11. Some features of tunnel conductivity in normal junctions
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