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1. Features of Magnetic Hysteresis Phenomena in the Systems Pr2O3•Fe2O3 and La2O3•Fe2O3
2. Magnetic and Magnetoelastic Properties of a Metamagnetic Iron-rhodium Alloy
3. The Magnetic Susceptibility of Rare-earth Orthoferrites in Strong Magnetic Fields
4. On the Nature of the Magnetization Curves of a Single Crystal of Samarium Orthoferrite Near the Reorientation Temperature
5. Effect of Uniaxial and Hydrostatic Pressures on the Spin-reorientation Temperature in Thulium Orthoferrite
6. Reorientation of the Antiferromagnetic Vector of Some Rare-earth Orthoferrites in Strong Magnetic Fields
7. Anomalies in the Temperature Dependence of the Modulus of Elasticity During the Spontaneous Reorientation of Spins in Rare-earth Orthoferrites
8. Anisotropy of Magnetostriction in Thulium Orthoferrite
9. Investigation of the magnetic properties and NMR in spin-reorientation transitions in DyFe0.998Co0.02O3 crystals
10. Transitions Due to Spin Reorientation in a Ho0.5Dy0.5FeO3 Single Crystal
11. New orientational transitions induced in orthoferrites by an external field
12. Gigantic effect of magnetic vacancies on a phase transition of the Morin type in rare-earth orthoferrites
13. Nature of the spontaneous and field-induced low-temperature orientational transitions in erbium orthoferrite
14. Nature of the anomalous magnetic properties of yttrium ferrite chromites
15. Magnetoelectric effect and magnetic phase transitions in (FexCr1-x)2O3 single crystals
16. Metamagnetic phase transitions and instability of magnetic structure in rare-earth orthoferrites
17. Magnetic and neutron-diffraction investigations of reorientation transitions in cobalt-substituted yttrium orthoferrite
18. Magnetic H-T phase diagram of holmium orthoferrite for H\parallelb
19. Orientational phase transitions in holmium orthoferrite with magnetic vacancies
20. Unusual nature of spin reorientation in HoFeO3
21. Diversity of orientational transitions in the Dyx Er1-xCrO3 system
22. Influence of the ground state of the Ho3+ ions in orthochromites on their magnetic properties and phase transitions
23. Linear magnetostriction and antiferromagnetic domain structure in dysprosium orthoferrite
24. Nature of magnetic anisotropy and magnetostriction of orthoferrites and orthochromites
25. Features of f-d exchange in weak ferrimagnets
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