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1. Parametric Excitation of Excitons in Silicon
2. Exciton Scattering by Dislocations in the CdSe Crystal
3. Absorption Saturation in the Electron-phonon Spectrum of CdSe
4. Radiative recombination of a nonequilibrium electron-hole plasma in CdS crystals
5. Electron-hole liquid and exciton and biexciton gas in elastically deformed silicon crystals
6. Gas-liquid phase diagram in a nonequilibrium electron-hole system in silicon
7. Partial composition of a dense electron-hole system and exciton-plasma transition in uniaxially stressed silicon
8. Diamagnetism of excitons and excitonic molecules in silicon
9. Multiparticle exciton-impurity complexes in silicon in a magnetic field
10. Photoinduced reflection spectra of La2CuO4+x single crystals
11. Anharmonicity of bridging oxygen oscillations in YBa2Cu3O7-x crystals
12. Electron scattering of light in superconducting Tl2Ba2CaCu2O8 single crystals
13. Raman scattering of light in superconducting TImBa2Can-1CunO2(n+1)+m single crystals
14. Magnetooptics of two-dimensional electrons under the conditions of the fractional quantum Hall effect. Coulomb gaps and a critical temperature of an incompressible Fermi liquid
15. Density of states of two-dimensional electrons in a transverse magnetic field and screening of a random potential
16. Radiative recombination of 2D electrons with nonequilibrium holes in silicon metal-insulator-semiconductor structures
17. Energy gaps and the role of disorder under conditions of fractional quantization of the Hall resistance in silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor structures
18. Light transmission through a CdS crystal wedge with allowance for additional light waves
19. Excitons and excitonic molecules in uniaxially deformed germanium in a magnetic field
20. Anomalies in the magnetrotransport properties of a two-dimensional electron gas in silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor structures in high magnetic fields
21. Spatial-dispersion effects in a mixed mode of exciton polaritons in CdS
22. Exciton-plasma transition in nonuniformly deformed germanium
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