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1. Instability of planar texture of a cholesteric liquid crystal in an electric field
2. Electrohydrodynamic instability in nematic liquid crystals
3. Flexoelectric domains in nematic liquid crystals
4. Instability mechanism in the nematic and isotropic phases of liquid crystals with positive dielectric anisotropy
5. New type of high-frequency electrohydrodynamic instability in nematic liquid crystals
6. Characteristics of the Poiseuille flow in plane capillaries in an acoustically excited liquid crystal
7. Rotational viscosity of the smectic C* phase of ferroelectric liquid crystals
8. Temperature dependence and the "size effect" exhibited by the anchoring energy of a nematic with a planar orientation on a solid substrate
9. Flexoelectric polarization of a ferroelectric smectic liquid crystal
10. Generation of the second optical harmonic induced by an electric field in nematic and smectic liquid crystals
11. Flexoelectric effect in twisted liquid-crystal structures
12. Electrohydrodynamic instability in homeotropically oriented layers of nematic liquid crystals
13. Determination of the binding energy of nematics with crystalline substrates from measurements of electro-optical effects
14. New type of Freedericksz transition in nematic liquid crystals
15. Phase-synchronous optical second-harmonic generation in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
16. New type of boundary conditions for orientation deformations In homeotroplc layers of nematic liquid crystals
17. Second optical harmonic generatlon induced by an electric field In liquid crystals with dielectric anisotropy of opposite signs
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