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1. Turbulent Heating of Ions in a Skin-effect High Frequency Discharge
2. Dynamics of interphase boundaries in antiferromaqnets
B.A. Ivanov
JETP, 1980, Vol. 52, No. 2, p. 293
PDF (278.3K)

3. Phonon retardation of a domain wall in a rare-earth orthoferrite
4. Quantum internal dynamics of solitons in one-dimensional antiferromagnets
5. Solitons in quasi-one-dimensional noncollinear antiferromagnets
6. Bound states of a large number of magnons in a ferromagnet with a single-ion anisotropy
7. Nonlinear waves and the dynamics of domain walls in weak ferromagnets
8. Dynamic damping of a domain wall in a ferromagnet
9. Nonlinear dynamics and relaxation of strongly anisotropic ferromagnets
10. Phenomenological description of magnetic relaxation in magnets containing rare-earth ions
11. Domain-wall dynamics and magnetization relaxation in magnetic materials with a magnetic aftereffect
12. Soliton (vortex) thermodynamics of a quasi-2D easy-plane antiferromagnet
13. Symmetry and dynamics of domain walls in weak ferromagnets
14. Dynamic damping of domain walls in weak ferromagnets
15. Theory of dynamical-soliton relaxation in ferromagnets
16. Dynamic damping of domain wall in a rhombic ferromagnet
17. Dynamic solitons in a uniaxial antiferromagnet
18. Two-dimensional dynamic topological solitons in ferromagnets
19. Nonlinear magnetization waves in ferrites
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