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1. Continual theory of tunnel self-trapping
2. Magnetic structures in the Hubbard model with nearly half-filled band for nonalternating lattices
3. Spin relaxation of two-dimensional electrons with an odd Landau-level filling factor in a strong magnetic field
4. Multiphoton boundary of the excitation spectrum in He II
5. The conductivity of two-dimensional electrons in a strong magnetic field
6. Phonon absorption by two-dimensional electrons in a strong magnetic field
7. The stability of nonhomogeneous states and path integrals
S.V. lordanskii
JETP, 1988, Vol. 67, No. 7, p. 1398
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8. Multivalley two-dimensional electron systems in a strong magnetic field
9. Drift of Bloch lines in an oscillating field
10. Cyclotron resonance in multivalley semiconductors with dislocations
11. Interaction of excitations with dislocations in a crystal
12. Quantum models of a crystal surface
13. Multiphonon singularity in the spectrum of an external particle interacting with phonons
14. Phenomenological derivation of the conditions at the interface between a superfluid liquid and a solid
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