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1. The Dielectric Constant of Crystals from the Quantum Viewpoint
2. Nonmetallic Nickel at High Compressions
3. Radiation Diffusion in a Resonant Medium
V.M. Ermachenko
JETP, 1967, Vol. 24, No. 6, p. 1236
PDF (695.6K)

4. Propagation of Radiation in a Resonant Medium
5. Polarization effects in a strong field in two-mode lasing
6. Feasibility of investigating atomic collisions by the photon-echo technique
7. Two-mode locking in a standing-wave gas laser
8. On the possibility of measuring the population, orientation, and alignment relaxation times by the photon echo method
9. Photon echo on adjacent optically allowed transitions
10. Photon echo from small-area exciting pulses
11. Effect of depolarizing collisions on the photon echo in a magnetic field
12. Theory of photon echo produced at resonant levels with hyperfine structure
13. Suppression of mode interaction in gas lasers
14. Optical collisions and the atomic spectrum in a strong resonant field
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