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1. Virial Expansion for Magnetic Impurities in Metals
2. Phase Transition in Uniaxial Ferroelectrics
3. Layered Structure in Ferroelectric Photoconductors
4. Virial Expansion for Magnetic Impurities in Metals
5. Phase transitions of the displacement type in crystals at very low temperatures
6. Intersection of lines of second-order transitions
7. Phase transitions in compressible lattices
8. Second-order phase transition in inhomogeneous bodies
9. Mesoscopics in metals with magnetic impurities
10. Mesoscopic photovoltaic effect in microjunctions
11. What if a film conductivity exceeds the speed of light?
12. Mesoscopic fluctuations of current-voltage characteristics
13. Kinetic equations in the theory of localization
14. Anomalous magnetoresistance in semiconductors
15. Structural instability at line defects
16. Magnetoresistance of metal films with low impurity concentrations in a parallel magnetic field
17. Activation conductivity in disordered systems with large localization length
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