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1. Optical Er3+ Centers in Cubic Crystals of the Fluorite Type
2. A Room-temperature Continuous CaWO4:Nd3+ Laser
3. Analysis of the Optical Spectra of Pr3+, Nd3+, Eu3+ and Er3+ in Fluorite Crystals (Type 1) by the Concentration Series Method
4. Optical Relaxation of Ho3+ and Er3+ Ions in the CaF2 Lattice (Type I) in the Visible Wavelength Region
5. Analysis of the Optical Spectra of CaF2:Nd3+ (Type 1) Crystals
6. Investigation of the Mechanism of the Elementary Act of Excitation-energy Transfer Between Rare-earth Ions in Crystals
7. Optical Centers and the Interaction of Yb3+ Ions in Cubic Fluorite Crystals
8. Investigation of the Nd3+ Optical Centers in CaF2-Nd3+-TR3+ Crystals (Type 1)
9. Investigation of the Elementary Cross-relaxation Act of the Nd3+ Ion Excited State in Crystals
10. Investigation of the Interaction of Nd3+ Ions in CaF2, SrF2, and BaF2 Crystals (Type I)
11. Reduced Absorption of the Nd3+ Ion in Various Bases
12. Continuous Stimulated Emission of an LaF3-Nd3+ Laser at Room Temperature
13. Nature of nonradiative excitation-energy relaxation in condensed media with high activator concentrations
14. Experimental observation of "excitation trapping" in a system of strongly interacting particles
15. Rayleigh scattering intensity and radiationless losses from the metastable state of Nd3+ in laser silicate glasses
16. Effect of donor-donor and donor-acceptor interactions on the decay kinetics of the metastable state of Nd3+ in crystals
17. Selective-Iaser-excitation study of the structure of inhomogeneously broadened spectra of Nd3+ ions in glass
18. Kinetics of population and decay of highly excited states of TR3+ ions under conditions of strong incoherent interaction in the intermediate states
19. Spectral migration of electronic excitation between Nd3+ ions in CaF2 -YF3 crystals under selective laser excitation conditions
20. Influence of crystal lattice on the population of high excited states of Er3+ ions under infrared excitation
21. Neodymium electron energy deactivation and transfer in highly concentrated phosphate glasses
22. Investigation of the processes of relaxation of electron excitation in crystals for arbitrary relationships between interaction microparameters and concentrations of energy donors and acceptors
23. lnvestigation of spatial distribution of impurities in solids by the method of kinetic luminescent spectroscopy
24. Reversible nonradiative excitation-energy transfer in a system of strongly interacting particles
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