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1. Determination of Magnetic Fields in a Plasma from the Contour of Hydrogen Spectral Lines
2. Theory of Stark broadening of hydrogen lines in plasma
3. Effect of reduced mass in Stark broadening of hydrogen lines
4. Instantaneous joint distributions of ion microfield and its time derivatives and effects of dynamical friction in plasmas
A.V. Demura
JETP, 1996, Vol. 83, No. 1, p. 60
PDF (554.6K)

5. Redistribution function for resonance radiation in a hot dense plasma
6. Nonlinear interference effects and ion dynamics in the kinetic theory of Stark broadening of the spectral lines of multicharged ions in a dense plasma
7. Bremsstrahlung from relativistic electrons and positrons traveling nearly parallel to crystal axes and planes
8. Role of various mechanisms of electron loss by Ions in axial channeling
9. Theory of ionization of fast atomic particles in a crystal
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