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1. Scattering of Light by Carriers in a Semiconductor Without an Inversion Center
2. Determination of the sign of the g factor and observation of deformation of epitaxial films in the transverse effect of optical orientation in semiconductors
3. Optical orientation and alignment of free excitons in GaSe during resonance excitation. Experiment
4. Role of the various types of transitions in three-photon absorption in InAs
5. Transfer of polarized light in crystals at wavelengths corresponding to the exciton part of the spectrum. Influence of reemission
6. Optical orientation and alignment of free excitations in GaSe under resonant excitation. Theory.
7. Natural optical activity in semiconductors with wurtzite structure
8. Exchange splitting of excitonic levels in types I and II superlattices
9. Current of thermalized spin-oriented photocarriers
10. Photoluminescence and tunnel relaxation of localized excitons in A2B6 solid solutions with anionic replacement
11. A novel tunneling recombination regime for photocarriers in amorphous semiconductors
12. Multiphoton absorption in semiconductors at submillimeter wavelengths
13. Linear photovoltaic effect in p-type gallium arsenide
14. Transport of polarized radiation in crystals in the excitonic region of the spectrum. Polariton effects
15. Parity nonconservatlon and photovoltaic effects in gases and semiconductors
16. Kinetic theory of the displacement photovoltaic effect in piezoelectric
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