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1. lnvestigation of the properties of the dislocation EPR spectra in silicon
2. Parametric Excitation of Spin Waves in Ferromagnetic MnCO3
3. Influence of the splitting of dislocations on the g factor of holes in a one-dimensional dislocation band
4. Anisotropy and temperature dependence of electric-dipole resonances at dislocations in p-Si
5. Temperature dependence of conduction by reconstructed dislocations in silicon and nonlinear effects
6. Combined electron resonance in a one-dimensional dislocation band
7. Spin-dependent change in the rf photoconductivity of silicon crystals containing dislocations
8. Concerning the annealing of a dislocation EPR signal in silicon
9. Investigation of dislocations in silicon by the photo-ESR method
10. Spin-dependent recombination on dislocation dangling bonds in silicon
11. Influence of hydrogen on dislocation donor and acceptor states
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