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1. Ruby Laser with Generation Duration of - 10 Milliseconds
2. Anisotropy in the Two-photon Absorption Spectrum in CdS
3. Generation of Giant Pulses in CaF2:Dy2+ Crystals Using an LiNbO3 Electrooptical Shutter
4. Investigation of Spontaneous Parametric Radiation in the Biaxial α-HIO3 Crystal
5. Use of Picosecond Ruby Laser Pulses in the Measurement of the Decay Time of the Luminescence Band of the First Phonon Replica of the A-type Exciton in CdS
6. Excitation of ultrashort light pulses in a ruby ring laser with resonance loss modulation
7. Fermi resonance between polaritons and a two-particle state band in the vibrational spectrum of ammonium chloride
8. Laser-induced generation of subnanosecond sound pulses in liquids
9. Water and ethanol as bleachable radiation absorbers in an yttrium-erbium-aluminum garnet laser (\lamda = 2.94 μ m)
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