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1. Photodisintegration of Deuteron at Energies from 50 to 150 Mev
2. Effect of an Intense Light Beam on Matter and Particle Beams in a Magnetic Trap
3. Sensitivity of Liquid to Radiation
4. Many-photon Ionization of the Xenon Atom by Ruby Laser Radiation
5. Spatial Distribution of the Electric Field Produced by Focusing the Output of a Ruby Laser
6. Multiphoton Ionization of Atoms. II. Ionization of Krypton by Ruby-laser Radiation
7. Multiphoton Resonance Ionization of Atoms
8. Effect of a Strong Optical-frequency Electromagnetic Field on the Hydrogen Molecule
9. Role of Bound States in the Process of Multiphoton Ionization of Atoms
10. Frequency dependence of multiphoton ionization of Xe and Kr atoms
11. Three-photon ionization of metastable helium atoms
12. Ionization of atoms in an intense light field
13. Cross sections for multiphoton ionization of alkali metal atoms
14. Diffusion mechanism of ionization of highly excited atoms in an alternating electromagnetic field
15. Observation and study of two-electron multiphoton ionization of atoms
16. Polarization of nuclei in resonance ionization of atoms
17. Tunnel ionization of complex atoms and of atomic ions in an alternating electromagnetic field
18. Ionization of atoms by a low-frequency field and an optical-frequency field
19. Dynamic polarizability of highly excited atomic states
20. Probabilities of radiative transitions between highly excited atomic states
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