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1. Calculation of the Critical Current for Particles Decaying into Nonparallel Excitations
G.E. Volovik
JETP, 1970, Vol. 31, No. 6, p. 1106
PDF (741K)

2. Motion of Particles Interacting with Phonons at Finite Temperatures and in Strong Fields
3. Hydrodynamics of the A phase of superfluid 3He
4. Piezopolaron energy at large momenta
5. Theory of solutions of a superfluid Fermi liquid in a superfluid Bose liquid
6. Mobility of piezopolaron in the case of strong coupling
7. Polarons in the strong coupling limit
8. Particle-like solitons in superfluid 3He phases
9. Rough model of formation of a dissipative current structure in He3-A
G.E. Volovik
JETP, 1980, Vol. 52, No. 1, p. 156
PDF (238.4K)

10. Additional localized degrees of freedom in spin glasses
11. lnvestigation of singularities in superfluid He3 in liquid crystals by the homotopic topology methods
12. Hydrodynamics of defects in condensed media, using as examples vortices in rotating He II and disclinations in a planar magnet
13. Action for anomaly in Fermi superfluids: quantized vortices and gap nodes
G.E. Volovik
JETP, 1993, Vol. 77, No. 3, p. 435
PDF (296.1K)

14. Topology of coherent precession in superfluid 3He-B
15. Hydrodynamic action for orbital and superfluid dynamics of 3He-A at T=0
G.E. Volovik
JETP, 1992, Vol. 75, No. 6, p. 990
PDF (325K)

16. Homogeneously precessing domains in 3He-B
17. W-bosons and the structure of the interface between the A and B phases of superfluid 3He at low pressures
G.E. Volovik
JETP, 1990, Vol. 70, No. 4, p. 672
PDF (257.5K)

18. An analog of the quantum Hall effect in a superfluid 3He film
G.E. Volovik
JETP, 1988, Vol. 67, No. 9, p. 1804
PDF (369.3K)

19. Peculiarities in the dynamics of superfluid 3He-A: analog of chiral anomaly and of zero-charge
G.E. Volovik
JETP, 1987, Vol. 65, No. 6, p. 1193
PDF (416K)

20. On the chiral anomaly in superfluid 3He-A
21. Vortices with half-integral circulation in 3He-A superfluid
22. Superconducting classes in heavy-fermion systems
23. Orbital angular momentum and orbital dynamics: 3He-A and the Bose liquid
24. Nonlinear hydrodynamics of liquid crystals
25. Disclination symmetry in uniaxial and biaxial nematic liquid crystals
26. Effect of texture on the propagation of collective modes in superfluid 3He
27. Gyromagnetism of Cooper pairs in superfluid 3He-B
28. Topological dynamics of defects: boojums in nematic drops
29. A classification of the collective modes of the order parameter in superfluid 3He
30. Current in superfluid Fermi liquids and the structure of vortex cores
31. Dynamics of the A -phase of 3He at low pressures
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