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1. Effect of a magnetic field on the critical temperature of a structural transition
2. Phase diagram of an excitonic ferromagnet at finite temperatures
3. Theory of "excitonic" ferromagnetism
4. Magnetic susceptibility of a ferromagnet with a structural transformation
5. Spin-orbit interaction in an excitonic dielectric
6. Crystal structures and symmetry of the electron spectrum of IV-VI semiconductors
7. Inhomogeneous state of excitonic ferromagnet
8. Interaction of localized magnetic moments in systems with electron-hole pairing
9. Inhomogeneous structures in an excitonic ferromagnet
10. Ferromagnetism of electrons of a filled band
11. Interference of resonant and electron-phonon scattering in conductors with quasilocalized impurity states
12. Resonances in superconductors
13. Relaxation of atomic orbitals and electron-electron interactions in crystals
14. Electronic structure of point defects in A4B6 semiconductors
15. Magnetic susceptibility near a phase transition into the current state
16. Macroscopic current states in crystals
17. Deformation theory of the tellurium energy spectrum
18. Diamagnetic anomalies in systems with spontaneous toroidal current
19. Electronic structure of group-V semimetals
20. Theory of electron energy spectrum of IV-VI semiconductors
21. Magnetic properties of structurally transforming ferromagnets
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