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1. Structure of higher orders of the 1/n expansion
2. Theory of the Stark effect in a strong field: critical fields, above-barrier resonances, dependence on dimensionality
3. Quantization rules with allowance for barrier penetration
4. Asymptotic form of higher orders of the 1/n expansion for multidimensional problems
5. The 1/n expansion for a hydrogen atom in an external field
6. Effect of electron-electron interactions on the thermal conductivity of impure metals
7. The 1/N expansion in quantum mechanics
8. Electron-phonon interaction in ultrathin Nb films
9. Stark resonances and scaling in Rydberg atoms
10. Phonon renormalization of the thermoelectric force of an impure metal
11. The hydrogen atom in a strong electric field
12. The effect of the electron-phonon interaction of the conductivity of impure metals
13. Heating of electrons in a superconductor in the resistive state by electromagnetic radiation
14. Higher orders and structure of perturbation theory series for screened Coulomb potential
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