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1. Gamma Magnetic Resonance
A.V. Mitin
JETP, 1967, Vol. 25, No. 6, p. 1062
PDF (552.7K)

2. lnvestigation of the superconducting properties of V-Al and V-Sn solid solutions
3. Critical magnetic fields of molybdenum chalcogenides
4. Sound generation in a multidomain ferromagnet
5. Characteristics of the metal-insulator transition in systems based on Ln-Ba-Cu-O and Ln-Sr-Nb-O (where Ln=La, Nd, Gd, Dy, Tm, Lu)
6. Excess conductivity and diamagnetism in superconducting perovskite-like systems: prospects for raising the critical temperature
7. Investigation of the properties of metal oxlde compounds In superconducting and normal states
8. Electron spin resonance due to localized moments in superconducting metal oxides
9. Temperature dependences of flux creep and critical current in molybdenum sulfides
A.V. Mitin
JETP, 1987, Vol. 66, No. 2, p. 335
PDF (342.3K)

10. Nonlinear rf spectroscopy of Mtissbauer nuclei under conditions of inhomogeneous line broadening
11. Change in physical properties of superconducting molybdenum sulfides after irradiation and subsequent annealing
12. The. temperature dependences of the upper critical field and the electrical resistivity of halogen-substituted molybdenum chalcogenldes
13. Investigation of the superconducting state of ternary molybdenum sulfides
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