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1. Photon Echoes in Double Radiooptical Resonance
2. Contribution to the Theory of Nonstationary Process of the Photon-echo Type in Crystals with Ferromagnetic Impurities
3. Interaction of ultrashort light pulses with thin-film resonant structures
S.M. Zakharov
JETP, 1995, Vol. 81, No. 3, p. 452
PDF (295.7K)

4. Nonlinear interaction of light with a thin layer of surface resonant atoms
5. Spectral problem for bound solitons (asymptotic behavior of ultrashort optical pulses in a dense resonant medium)
6. Nonstationary-image scale transformations by photon-echo signals
7. Interaction of ultrashort light pulses with a thin layer of surface atoms in two-photon resonance
8. Spatial and temporal characteristics of signals representing transient Raman scattering and photon echo under two-photon excitation conditions
9. Temporal and correlation properties of echo signals in two- and three-level systems under conditions of inhomogeneous broadening of resonant energy levels
10. Spatial and temporal correlations of coherent optical pulses in the photon echo effect
11. The inverse scattering formalism in the theory of photon (light) echo
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