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1. Inelastic interactions between nuclei at high energies
2. Structure of Residual Interaction in Spherical Nuclei
3. Theory of the radiative width of a highly excited nucleus
4. Cascade emission of γ-quanta by highly excited nuclei
5. Theory of rapid (nonadiabatic) rotation of nonspherical nuclei
6. Nonlinear periodic waves in stimulated Raman scattering of light and the creation of solitons at the leading edge of a pulse
A.M. Kamchatnov
JETP, 1996, Vol. 82, No. 3, p. 424
PDF (429.6K)

7. Relation between the critical spin and angular velocity of a nucleus immediately after backbending
8. Periodic nonlinear waves in a uniaxial ferromagnet
A.M. Kamchatnov
JETP, 1992, Vol. 75, No. 5, p. 868
PDF (217.8K)

9. Periodic waves in the theory of self-induced transparency
10. Alignment of the angular momentum of the "odd nucleons" in connection with lowfrequency anomalies in the rotational spectra of nuclei
A.M. Kamchatnov
JETP, 1990, Vol. 71, No. 3, p. 418
PDF (253.9K)

11. Propagation of ultrashort periodic pulses in nonlinear fiber waveguides
12. Contribution to the theory of an electromagnetic signal from a hot quark-gluon plasma
13. Propagation of long light pulses in a two-level resonant medium
A.M. Kamchatnov
JETP, 1988, Vol. 67, No. 10, p. 2047
PDF (259.4K)

14. Endpoint of the rotational band of a nonspherical nucleus and a variable moment of inertia
15. Thermodynamic inequalities for nuclear rotation
16. Topological solitons in magnetohydrodynamics
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