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Поиск публикаций автора "A.I. Burshtein"
Найдено 27
1. Kinetics of Induced Relaxation
A.I. Burshtein
JETP, 1965 г., Том 21, Вып. 3, стр. 567
PDF (819.8K)

2. Kinetics of the Relaxation Induced by a Sudden Potential Change
A.I. Burshtein
JETP, 1966 г., Том 22, Вып. 4, стр. 939
PDF (1114.8K)

3. Relaxation in a System Subjected to Suddenly Changing Perturbations in the Presence of Correlation Between Successive Values of the Perturbation
4. Collapse of Shock-broadened Multiplets
5. Stark Effect in the Field of Incoherent Radiation
L.D. Zusman, A.I. Burshtein
JETP, 1972 г., Том 34, Вып. 3, стр. 520
PDF (934.1K)

6. Line Shape of V-doubling Transition
7. Hopping Mechanism of Energy Transfer
A.I. Burshtein
JETP, 1972 г., Том 35, Вып. 5, стр. 882
PDF (541.6K)

8. Time Variation of Ion Luminescence and an Estimation of Electron Excitation Migration Along the Ions in Glass
9. Phase-memory Effects in the Theory of Spectral Line Broadening in Gases
10. Saturation of the Doppler Spectrum
A.I. Burshtein
JETP, 1968 г., Том 27, Вып. 4, стр. 600
PDF (691.7K)

11. On the theory of polarization phenomena in the spectroscopy of two-quantum transitions
12. Spectral exchange in collision broadening of rotational structure
13. Collapse of the rotational structure of Raman-scattering spectra in dense media
A.I. Burshtein, S.I. Temkin
JETP, 1976 г., Том 44, Вып. 3, стр. 492
PDF (403.7K)

14. Quasiresonant spectral line broadening in the impact approximation
15. Light-induced relaxation in an intense Rayleigh field
A.I. Burshtein, A.G. Kofman
JETP, 1976 г., Том 43, Вып. 3, стр. 436
PDF (312.7K)

16. Manifestation of the Frequency Migration Mechanism in Decay of Echo Signals
17. Supernutation
18. Quantum theory of diffusion-accelerated remote transfer
19. Collisional averaging of the Stark and Zeeman spectrum structure
A.I. Burshtein, G.I. Smirnov
JETP, 1974 г., Том 38, Вып. 6, стр. 1085
PDF (326.1K)

20. Effect of the kinematics of the mutual approach of particles in solutions on the transfer of energy between them
21. Kinetics of Doppler-spectrum saturation
A.G. Kofman, A.I. Burshtein
JETP, 1979 г., Том 49, Вып. 6, стр. 1019
PDF (487.5K)

22. Effect of coherent radiation on the translational motion of atoms
23. Drop in free polarization after steady-state saturation of a packet of biLorentzian lines
24. Non-Markovian binary theory of interference between spectral lines
25. Regions of applicability of kinematic mechanisms in bimolecular processes
26. Investigation of the processes of relaxation of electron excitation in crystals for arbitrary relationships between interaction microparameters and concentrations of energy donors and acceptors
27. Concentration self-quenching
A.I. Burshtein
JETP, 1983 г., Том 57, Вып. 6, стр. 1165
PDF (298.6K)

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