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1. On Certain Singularities in the Interaction with Light Nuclei of Particles with Energies E \geq 2{\times}10^{12}ev
2. A Study of "Young" High-energy Electron-photon Air Showers
3. Nuclear-active Particles in Young Air Showers
4. Energy Spectrum of Nuclear-active Particles in Extensive Air Showers
5. Large Ionization Bursts and the Spectrum of Nuclear-active Particles at Mountain Altitudes
6. Investigation of Large Ionization Bursts Produced by Cosmic Particles at Sea Level
7. Calculation of Fluctuations of the Lateral Distribution of Extensive Atmospheric Shower Particles
8. Study of Neutral Pion Generation at Particle Energies 5{\times}l0^{12}-10^{13} eV
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