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1. Angular Distribution of the Uranium Fission Fragments Produced by High-Energy Neutrons
2. Bi Fission at Very High Excitation Energies
3. Cascade α-Particles in Stars Produced by 360 and 660 Mev Protons
4. Fragmentation on Bismuth Nuclei
5. Angular Distribution of Long-Range Alpha Particles, Connected with the Fission Process
6. Disintegration of Emulsion Nuclei by 930-Mev Protons
7. Fission of Uranium Nuclei Induced by 9-Bev Protons
8. Fragment Production by 100-Mev Protons
9. Fragmentation of Ag and Br Nuclei by 9-Bev Protons
10. The Fission of Heavy Nuclei by Slow Mesons
11. The Yield of Fission and Star Formation Processes in the Capture of π--Mesons of U, Bi and W
12. The Angular Distribution of Fragments from Fission of Uranium at High Excitation Energies
13. Fission of Heavy Nuclei by Slow π-Mesons
14. Triple Disintegrations of Uranium Nuclei
15. Angular Correlation Between Multiple Produced Fragments
16. Energy Spectra and Angular Distribution of Li8 Fragments Roduced in the Interactions Between 660-MeV Protons and Aluminum Nuclei
17. Short Range Products from Nuclear Disintegrations Induced by Protons with Energies Between 2 and 9 GeV
18. Energy Spectrum of Cascade Alpha Particles in Photographic Emulsion Stars Produced by High-Energy Protons
19. Anisotropy in the Fission of Bismuth and Uranium Irradiated by 660-Mev Protons
20. The Interaction of 660-Mev Protons with Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen Nuclei
21. Charge Distribution of Fragments in Nuclear Disintegrations
22. Ternary Fission of Uranium Induced by Fast Neutrons
23. Fissionability of Nuclei by High-Energy Protons
N.A. Perfilov
JETP, 1962, Vol. 14, No. 3, p. 623
PDF (181.4K)

24. Some Features of Multiple Fragment Production by 9-Bev Protons
25. Formation of Li3 Fragments in the Interaction of 9 BeV Protons with Lead Nuclei
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