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1. High-Energy Neutrons in Cosmic Rays
2. Fission of Nuclei under the Influence of Accelerated Nitrogen Nuclei
3. Interaction of Nitrogen and Gold Nuclei
4. Emitters of Alpha Particles with Energies of about 9 and 12 Mev in the Po-Ra Region
5. Fission of Th232 Induced by Thermal Neutrons
6. Spontaneous Fission of Am241
7. The Production of Element 102
8. The Spontaneous Fission of Thorium
9. Mass Distribution of Fission Products from the Irradiation of Gold and Uranium by Nitrogen Irons
10. The Stripping Process in the Interactions of Accelerated N14 Ions with the Nuclei of Some Elements
11. Determination of the Range-Energy Relation for Nitrogen and Oxygen Ions in Photographic Emulsions
12. Yield of Californium Isotopes Produced in Reactions Between Carbon Ions and Uranium Nuclei
13. Formation of a Spontaneously Fissioning Isomer in Reactions Involving α Particles and Deuterons
14. Gamma Radiation from High-spin Nuclei
15. Observation of Pick-Up of Three Neutrons and Stripping of Three Protons in Interactions Between N14 and Ne20 Ions with C, Al, Cu, and Ta Nuclei
16. Production of N17 Nuclei by Bombardment of Some Elements with Heavy Ions
17. Proton Decay of Radioactive Nuclei
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