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1. Angular Distributions of 6.8-Mev Protons Elastically Scattered by Chromium, Nickel, and Copper Isotopes
2. Elastic Scattering of Protons by Chromium Isotopes at 5.40 Mev
3. Measurement of the Polarization of Protons Elastically Scattered on D2, T3, and He3 Nuclei
4. The Reactions (n, 2n) on Sn112, 124 and (n, p) on Sn112, 117 at 14.1 MeV
5. Isomeric Transition Multipolarity in the 58Ce138 Nucleus
6. Compound-elastic Scattering in Elastic Scattering of 5.45 MeV Protons on Nickel Isotopes
7. Elastic Scattering of 3.4-4.2 MeV Protons by Ni62 and Ni64 Isotopes
8. On the Mechanism of Total Nuclear Disintegration
9. Emission of Three α Particles in Interactions Between B10 Ions and Light Nuclei
10. Elastic Scattering of 4.2-MeV Protons on Nickel Isotopes
11. Polarization of Protons in the He3(d, p)He4 Reaction
12. Cross Sections for (n, p) Reactions on Tin Isotopes for 14.5 MeV Neutrons
13. Calculation of the Elastic Scattering Cross Sections for 5.45 Mev Protons According to the Optical Model of the Nucleus
14. Decay of Some Millisecond Isomers
15. Nuclear Breakup Reactions
16. New Short-Lived Isomers Nd140m, Pm141m, Eu146m and Gd158m
17. Deuteron and Alpha Particle Pickup in the Interaction Between B10 and O16
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