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1. The Spatial Distribution of the Penetrating Component of Wide Atmospheric Showers
2. The Propagation of Oscillations along Vortex Lines in Rotating Helium II
3. Experimental Investigation of the Harmonic Oscillations of a Disk in Rotating Helium II
4. Experimental Investigation of the Energy Spectrum of the Penetrating Component of Extensive Air Showers
5. Rotation of Helium II at High Speeds
6. Index of the Energy Spectrum of the Penetrating Component in Extensive Air Showers with a Specified Number of Particles
7. The Behavior of Helium II in the Neighborhood of a Heat Radiating Surface
8. Possible Existence of Onsager-Feynman Vortices at Temperatures Above the λ Point
9. Transverse Momentum Component of Strange Particles Produced in Penetrating Cosmic-ray Showers
10. An Investigation of Rotating He II Near the λ-Point Using Second Sound
11. Relaxation of Onsager-Feynman Vortices on Heating of Rotating Helium II Above the Phase-transition Temperature
12. Investigation of the Nature of Oscillations of Helium II Close to the Surface of a Vibrating Disk, Using a Resonance Method
13. Condensation of Rotating Helium II and the Density Jump at the Phase Transformation
14. Investigation of Dissipative Processes in Superconductors in a Mixed State and in a Reactor-radiation Field
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