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1. Magnetic Symmetry of Crystals
2. Splitting of Atomic Terms with Integer Total Angular Momentum in a Magnetic Crystal
B.A. Tavger
JETP, 1959, Vol. 8, No. 2, p. 322
PDF (778.7K)

3. Magnetization of Thin Ferromagnetic Films at Low Temperatures
4. Possibility of the Occurrence of Superconductivity in Thln Non-metdlic Films
5. Superconducting Transition Temperature of a Thin Film
6. Nonlinear Dependence of the Current on the Electric Field Strength in a Thin Semiconducting Film in a Quantizing Magnetic Field
7. Quantum Longitudinal Galvanomagnetic Phenomena in Thin Semiconductor and Semimetal Films
8. Oscillations of Ultrasound Absorption by a Thin Plate in a Transverse Quantizing Magnetic Field
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