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1. Numerical Values of the Constant of the Triplet Beta-Interaction
2. Natural Oscillations of a Bound Plasma
3. Magnetoacoustic Resonance in a Plasma
4. Spatial Amplification of Variable Magnetic Fields During Magnetic-Sound Resonance in a Plasma
5. Kinetics of Neutronization at Ultra-High Density
6. Magnetoacoustic Resonance in Strong Magnetic Fields
7. Magnetoacoustic Oscillations and Instability of an Induction Pinch
8. Magneto-acoustic Resonance in a Toroidal System
9. Investigation of Solenoidal Drift Waves in a Stationary Magnetoacoustic Plasma
10. Cutoff of Cyclotron Harmonics in an Unstable Plasma
11. Nonlinearity and Parametric Resonance in a Plasma
12. Low-frequency Instabjlity of Electron-cyclotron Waves in a Plasma
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