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1. Power Increase in a Pulsed Ruby Laser by Means of Modulation of Resonator Q
2. Heating of Matter by Focused Laser Radiation
3. A Q-switched Neodymium Glass Laser
4. A Q-switched Optical Maser
5. Nonlinear Amplification of Light Pulses
6. A Laser Operated with a Saturable Filter
7. Giant Pulse Structure in a Laser with Instantaneous Q-Switching
8. Investigation of the Luminescence Spectrum of Atomic Iodine (2P1/2-2P3/2 Laser Transition)
9. The Possibility of Employing Optical Pumping for Excitation of Noble Gas Atoms
10. Generation and Amplification of High-intensity Light Pulses in Neodymium Glass
11. Photochemical decomposition waves
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