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1. Stabilization of a Helical Instability in an Electron-hole Plasma in a Semiconductor by an Alternating Electric Field
2. Stabilization of a Powerful Penning Discharge by a Radially-increasing Magnetic Field
3. Mechanism of Stabilization of a Plasma by High Frequency Electromagnetic Fields
4. Effect of the Longitudinal Dimensions of a Plasma Column on the Criterion for Excitation of the Kadomtsev-Nedospasov Current-convective Instability
5. Plasma Heating by a High-amplitude Ion-cyclotron Wave
6. Energy Balance of Ions in Turbulent Discharges in a Longitudinal Magnetic Field
7. Current-Interchange Instability in a Tubular Layer of an Electron-hole Plasma
8. High-frequency Stabilization of the Kadomtsev-Nedopasov Instability in an Electron-hole Plasma
9. Turbulent Heating of Ions in a Skin-effect High Frequency Discharge
10. Diffusion in High-frequency plasma Stabilization
11. Skin Effect in Turbulent Z Discharges
12. Theta pinch in germanium
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