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1. New Results in Turbulence Heating of a Plasma
2. Magnetic Spectrum Analyzers
3. Observation of Ion Two-stream Instability in Turbulent Heating of a Plasma
4. Trapping and Containment of a Turbulently Heated Plasma in a Mirror System
5. Stability of a Turbulently Heated Plasma during Adiabatic Compression
6. Turbulent Heating of a Plasma in a Linear Discharge
7. Investigation of the Noise of a Turbulent Plasma with the Aid of a Magnetic Spectrum Analyzer
8. Energy Losses and Efficiency of Turbulent Heating in a Current-carrying Plasma
9. Destruction of the Anomalous Skin Layer in a Turbulent Plasma
V.A. Skoryupin
JETP, 1968, Vol. 26, No. 4, p. 711
PDF (406.1K)

10. Noise in a Turbulent Plasma
11. Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves by Turbulent Plasma Fluctuations
12. Turbulent Plasma Heating by Current Flow in a Mirror Machine
13. Anomalous Resistance of Plasma During Turbulent Heating
14. Observation of Current Convective Instability during Turbulent Heating of Plasma by a Current
15. Thermalization of the directed motion of plasmoids by a turbulent skin-layer discharge
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