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1. Excitation of Balmer Hydrogen Lines Upon Passage of H+, H2+, and H3+ Through Helium and Neon
2. Measurement of Lifetimes of Excited States of the Hydrogen Atom
3. Charge Exchange of Protons and the Dissociation of H+2 and H+3 Ions in Helium and Neon Accompanied by the Formation of Fast Hydrogen Atoms in Excited States
4. Charge Exchange of Protons in Inert Gases Involving the Formation of Fast Hydrogen Atoms in the 2s and 2p States
5. Excitation of 3s, 3p, and 3d States of the Hydrogen Atom Upon Dissociation of the H Molecule by Fast He Ions
6. Effect of Electric Fields on Intensity of Hydrogen Lβ Line Excited in Proton Charge Exchange with Inert Gases
7. Excitation of the Lα Line During Stripping of Fast Negative Hydrogen Ions in Inert Gases
8. Excitation of Fast Hydrogen Atoms in the 2s, 2p, and 3p States Due to Collisions with Noble Gas Atoms
9. Scattering of electrons by inert gas atoms with ejection of one or two electrons from the outer shell
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