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1. Magnetocaloric Effect in Uranium Hydride and Deuteride
A.I. Karchevskii
JETP, 1959, Vol. 9, No. 2, p. 443
PDF (447K)

2. Isotopic Shift of the Curie Point in Uranium Hydride and Deuteride
3. Investigation of the Magnetostriction of the Metamagnetic Alloy MnAu2
4. The Mössbauer Effect in FeSn2
5. Magnetic Properties of the β-Modification of Uranium Hydride and Deuteride
6. Formation of a Current Channel in a Gas Discharge in a Weak Magnetic Field
7. Accelerating and Capturing Electrons in a Magnetic Trap During Electric Breakdown
8. Investigation of Plasma Heating Under Conditions of Two Stream Instability in a Linear Discharge (E)
9. Plasma Heating in a Two-stream Instability in a Straight Discharge
10. Stimulated Emission Evoked by Pumping with A Pulsed Electron Beam Produced in a Linear Discharge
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