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1. Concerning the Temperature Dependence of the Magnetic Susceptibility of the Elements
B.I. Verkin
JETP, 1957, Vol. 5, No. 1, p. 117
PDF (370.9K)

2. Mean Free Path of Electrons in High-Purity Tin
3. The Effect of Uniform Compression upon the Magnetic Properties of Bismuth at Low Temperatures
4. The Influence of Pressure on the Magnetic Properties of Zinc Single Crystals at Low Temperatures
5. Effect of Uniaxial Elastic Deformations on the Magnetic Properties of Zinc Crystals at Low Temperatures
6. Magnetic Properties of Metals at Low Temperatures. IV. Influence of Homogeneous Compression on the De Haas-Van Alphen Effect in Zinc Crystals
7. Temperature Dependence of the Magnetic Susceptibility of Indium, Lead, and Tin Crystals
8. The Magnetic Properties of Beryllium in the Temperature Range 300 to 4,2^{\circ}K
9. Magnetic Properties of Indium Alloys. I. Solid Solutions of Cd, Sn, and Pb in In
10. Effect of Impurities on Isomer Shifts in Metallic Tin
11. Magnetic Fields of Rotating Superconductors
12. Some Features of the Electric Conductivity and Magnetoresistance of Antimony at Low Temperatures
13. Asymmetry of Tunnel Spectrum Intensities of Impurity Organic Molecules
14. Tunnel spectra of organic solvents
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