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1. Kinetics of Growth of the Meniscus of a Rotating Liquid
Dzh. S. Tsakadze
JETP, 1964, Vol. 19, No. 5, p. 1050
PDF (284.4K)

2. Thermomechanical Effect Near the λ Point in Rotating Liquid Helium
3. Possible Existence of Onsager-Feynman Vortices at Temperatures Above the λ Point
4. On the Problem of the λ-Point Shift in Rotating Liquid Helium
5. Some Features of the Twisting of Quantum and Classical Liquids
6. Relaxation Processes Related to Temperature Changes in Rotating Helium II
7. Relaxation of Onsager-Feynman Vortices on Heating of Rotating Helium II Above the Phase-transition Temperature
8. Attenuation of Second Sound in Rotating Helium on Going Through the Phase Transition Temperature
9. Investigation of Dissipative Processes in Superconductors in a Mixed State and in a Reactor-radiation Field
10. Deeply Penetrating Wave Produced in Rotating Helium. II
11. Critical velocities for vortex formation by an oscillating disc in helium II and relaxation processes during its rotation
12. Vortex energy in helium II
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