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1. Polarization of Cobalt and Iron Nuclei in Ferromagnets
2. K-Level X-Rays from Fission Fragments and Distribution of Fragments by Charges
3. Nuclear Polarization of Weakly-Magnetic Elements Introduced into a Ferromagnet
4. Polarization of Au198 Nuclei in a Solution of Gold in Iron
5. Investigation of U235 Fission γ Rays in the Energy Region up to 250 kev
6. The Polarization of Nuclei of Diamagnetic Elements Dissolved in Iron
7. Temperature Dependence of Hyperfine Splitting of Dy161 Levels in Paramagnetic Dysprosium Oxide
8. Asymmetry of the Beta Radiation of Co60 Nuclei Polarized in a Cobalt-Iron Alloy
9. Measurement of the Mössbauer Effect in Fe57 with a Scattering Geometry by Recording 14.4-keV Radiation
10. Investigation of the Mössbauer Spectrum of Resonantly-scattered Nuclear Radiation of Fe57
11. Interference of nuclear and electron scatterings of 14.4 keV resonance γ-ray in Bragg reflection from an α-Fe2O3 crystal
12. Suppression effect under conditions of purely nuclear Laue diffraction of resonant γ rays
13. Interference of nuclear transitions in pure nuclear diffraction of 14.4-keV gamma rays by hematite
14. Energy Analysis of Resonance γ Rays Diffiracted by an α-Fe573 SingIe Crystal
15. Bragg diffraction of 14.1-keV resonant γ quanta by a mosaic α57Fe2O3 crystal in an oblique magnetic field
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