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1. New Results in Turbulence Heating of a Plasma
2. Spectroscopic Investigation of Turbulence Heating of a Plasma
3. Measurement of the Density of a Plasma Decaying in a Magnetic Field by Means of Microwave Radio Interferometers and a Fabry-Perot Interferometer
4. Observation of Shock Waves in a Collisionless Plasma
5. Exact Solution of the Problem of the Broadening of the Hydrogen Spectral Lines in the One-electron Theory
6. Disintegration of the Front of a Straight Magnetic-sound Shock Wave in a Rarefied Plasma at High Mach Numbers
7. Amplitude Modulation and Non-adiabaticity in the Stark Broadening of Hydrogen Lines in a Plasma
8. Theory of Stark broadening of hydrogen lines in plasma
9. Stark profiles of hydrogen spectral lines in a plasma with Langmuir turbulence
10. Polarization spectroscopic analysis of noise produced in a turbulent plasma upon annihilation of oppositely moving magnetic fields
11. Effect of reduced mass in Stark broadening of hydrogen lines
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