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1. Concerning the Ce141 Decay Scheme
2. Decay of Te131 (T1/2 = 30 Hours)
3. Investigation of the Decay Scheme of As76 by the γ-γ Coincidence Method
4. Decay Scheme of Te131m
5. Zr97 Decay Scheme
6. Decay of Neutron-deficient Neodymium Isotopes. A New Isotope Nd138
7. Lifetime of the 114-keV Level in the Pr139 Nucleus
A.A. Sorokin
JETP, 1965, Vol. 20, No. 4, p. 833
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8. Quadrupole Interaction and Anisotropy of the Mössbauer Effect as Deduced from Observations on Resonance Scattering of Gamma Quanta by Polycrystals
9. Angular distributions of resonant gamma-ray scattering by 57Fe nuclei in hydrated sulfates of iron
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