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1. Nonlinear Theory of Wave Propagation in Semiconductors
2. Propagation of Strong Electromagnetic Waves in a Two-component Plasma
3. Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves in Semiconductors when the Electron Temperature is not a Unique Function of the Incident-field Amplitude
4. Effect of Boundary Conditions on the Electron Temperature in a Plasma Heated by a High-frequency Field
5. High Frequency Effects in Semiconductors in Inelastic Scattering of Carriers by Optical Phonos
6. Current-Voltage Characteristics of Bounded Semiconductors Possessing a Negative Differential Conductivity
7. Cooling of Electrons in Semiconductors by a Static Electric Field
8. Thermomagnetic Effects in an Electron Gas of Semiconductors Heated by a High-frequency Electric Field
9. Influence of Sample Size on the Current-voltage Characteristic in Media with an Ambiguous Dependence of Electron Temperature on Field Strength
10. Electrons and phonons in strong electromagnetic fields
11. Theory of heat conduction in solids
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