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1. An Investigation of the Dynamics of the Motion of Tin Atoms on a Silica Gel Surface by Means of the Mössbauer Effect
2. Nuclear Gamma Resonance in Highly Dispersed Tin
3. Observation of the Electron Spin Relaxation in Antiferromagnets above the Neel Point by Mössbauer Spectroscopy
4. Investigation of the Electron State and the Dynamics of Motion of Tin Atoms on the Surface of Silica Gels and Zeolite by Gamma-resonance Spectroscopy
5. A Study of Spin-lattice Relaxation on the Basis of the Hyperfine Structure of Fe3+ Mössbauer Spectra
6. Investigation of the Anisotropy of Iron Atom Vibrations in Hematite and Ilmenite by Means of the Mössbauer Effect
7. Investigation of Superparamagnetism of Ferromagnetic Particles by Mossbauer Spectroscopy
8. Polarization Phenomena, Absolute Probabilities, and Anisotropy of the Mössbauer Effect in Siderite
9. Effect of a Weak Magnetic Field on the Hyperfine Structure of Fe3+ Móssbauer Spectra in Paramagnetic Substances with Nonaxial Symmetry of the Crystal Field
10. Asymmetry of Quadrupole-splitting Components in Mössbauer Spectra of Siderite Single Crystals and Polycrystals
11. lnvestigation of the superparamagnetic properties of ultrafine iron particles by Mössbauer spectroscopy
12. Mössbauer-spectroscopy Investigation of the Properties of Thin Oxide Films
13. Size effects in small particles of Fe3O4
14. Magnetic properties of ultrafine iron oxide particles
15. Determination of the mean square displacement of the atomic vibrations in myoglobin molecules by measuring Rayleigh scattering of the Mössbauer radiation
16. Investigation of phase transitions in certain organic compounds by means of Rayleigh scattering of Mössbauer radiation
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