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1. The Relation between the Temperature Dependence of Electrical Resistance at Low Temperatures and the Galvanomagnetic Effect in Strong Magnetic Fields
2. Electrical Resistance Maximum for Ferromagnets at their Curie Points at Low Temperatures
3. Electrical Resistance of Iron, Copper, and Nickel-Copper Alloys at Low Temperatures
4. Electrical Properties of Thin Nickel Films at Low Temperatures
5. Determination of Exchange Interaction of Sublattices in Gadolinium Iron-garnet on the Basis of the Magnetocaloric Effect
6. The Paraprocess in Rare-earth Iron Garnets in the Curie-temperature Region
7. Investigation of "Sublattice" Magnetocaloric Effects in Substituted Gadolinium Iron Garnets
8. Observation of the magnetic compensation points in the spinel ferrites MnFe2-xCrxO4
9. Magnetocaloric effect in compounds of rare-earth metals with iron
10. Features of the magnetic behavior and of the magnetocaloric effect in a single crystal of gadolinium
11. Observation of the spin-reorientation process by means of measurements of the magnetocaloric effect
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