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1. Polarization of Cobalt and Iron Nuclei in Ferromagnets
2. Nuclear Polarization of Weakly-Magnetic Elements Introduced into a Ferromagnet
3. Polarization of Au198 Nuclei in a Solution of Gold in Iron
4. The Polarization of Nuclei of Diamagnetic Elements Dissolved in Iron
5. The Critical Currents of Nb-Zr Alloys in an External Magnetic Field
6. Temperature Dependence of Hyperfine Splitting of Dy161 Levels in Paramagnetic Dysprosium Oxide
7. Asymmetry of the Beta Radiation of Co60 Nuclei Polarized in a Cobalt-Iron Alloy
8. Determination of the Sign of the Local Magnetic Field at Gold Nuclei Dissolved in Iron and Nickel
9. Experimental Detection of an Anomaly in the Specific Heat of a Metal with Heavy Impurity Atoms
10. Effect of Isotopic Composition on the Electrical Conductivity of Cadmium
11. Alteration of the superconducting properties of vanadium by introduction of tantalum impurity atoms
12. Effect of impurity oscillations on the superconducting transition point in dilute U or Be solutions in V
13. Change of the Vanadium Phonon Spectrum Following Introduction of Tantalum Admixthres
14. Thermodynamic properties and superconducting transition temperature of dilute solutions of Hf, Ta and W in V
15. Resistance of pure aluminum and of weak solutions of Mg, Zn, and Ga in Al in the region 2-40^{\circ} K
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