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1. The Scattering of Muons in Lead
2. Determination of Charged Particle Mass from Scattering and Residual Range in Multiplate Cloud Chambers
F.R. Arutyunyan
JETP, 1959, Vol. 9, No. 4, p. 697
PDF (548.5K)

3. Polarization Phenomena in the Compton Scattering on a Moving Electron and the Possibility of Obtaining Beams of Polarized Photons
4. The Scattering of Light by Light
5. A Possible Method of Detecting High-Energy Charged Particles
6. Emission from Nonrelativistic Electrons in Thin Metal Foils
7. Radiation by Electrons in Passing Through Thin Metallic Films
8. Influence of the Medium on the Emission of Relativistic Electrons
9. Radiation of Relativistic Electrons in Layered Media
10. Emission of Light by Metals Bombarded by Nonrelativistic Electrons
11. Radiation by electrons due to roughness of a metallic surface
12. Polarization and spectral composition of the radiation of nonrelativistic electrons interacting with a rough surface
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