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1. Investigation of the Magnetic Properties of Dibenzenechromium and Ditoluenechromium Iodides at Very Low Temperatures
2. Nuclear Resonance of Sn119 in Metallic Tin
3. Hyperfine Interaction in the Diphenylpicrylhydrazyl Molecule
4. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Metallic Thallium
5. Antiferromagnetism of Dibenzene Chromium Iodide
6. Magnetic Properties of Linear Conducting Chains
7. Magnetic Properties of a Chain of Spins in Crystalline Free Radicals
Yu. S. Karimov
JETP, 1970, Vol. 30, No. 6, p. 1062
PDF (334.3K)

8. Magnetically ordered state of two-dimensional ferromagnets with anisotropy of the "easy-plane" type
Yu. S. Karimov
JETP, 1974, Vol. 39, No. 3, p. 547
PDF (211.3K)

9. Phase transitions of a layered ferromagnet with easy plane anisotropy
Yu. S. Karimov
JETP, 1975, Vol. 41, No. 4, p. 772
PDF (208K)

10. Investigation of the disordered state of two-dimensional ferromagnetic substances
Yu. S. Karimov
JETP, 1974, Vol. 38, No. 1, p. 129
PDF (224.8K)

11. Investigation of metal-semimetal phase transition in (TSeT)2Cl
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